A Piece of the Piece [EP]

by Stephan Nance

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released August 15, 2011

All songs written by Stephan Nance
Piano and vocals by Stephan Nance
Cello on "One-Way Sea" and "Spring" by Angelica Sather Hodgetts
All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Greco




Stephan Nance Eugene, Oregon

I'm Stephan Nance. I'm a singer-songwriter based in Eugene, Oregon. You can call my music poetic piano rock.

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Track Name: Cuddlefish
All my antics and my gibberish
Put a damper on my sentences;
I'm a [cuddlefish/cuttlefish]
Trying to cover up my incompetence.
Maybe your fancy just isn't ticklish—
Maybe your heart belongs to another fish—
But on your part that'd be foolish.
Baby, I think you ought to think through this.

The sea is big, big, big,
And it's full of scary things!
Like great white sharks,
And colossal squid!
And I'm worried about you...
I don't want you to get hurt.
I don’t want you to get hurt...
I don’t want you to get hurt.

If you love something
(So they say)
You should set it free.
But I disagree—
'Cause I can safely say that
Catching and releasing
Isn't what I'd want for me.

I know I know better than you do
What is best for you to do—
Can't you see the logic there?
It's superlogical.
My perspective is an outside one,
And that's really saying something
'Cause we don't have mirrors
And since we're under the water,
There isn't a surface
For you to see your reflection in...
Not that you don't look nice!
(In fact, how wonderful you look
Is exactly what the problem is....)

The sea is big, big, big,
And it's full of scary things!
Like great white sharks,
And colossal squid!
And I'm worried about you...
I don't want you to get hurt.
I don’t want you to get hurt...
I don’t want you to get hurt.

It guts me every time
I hear you're frequenting
Such sketchy dives.
It's not like it's a crime,
But what if you get caught by a scuba diver
Just like Nemo and I can't find you?

Still I'd never cease my quest for you—
What else would there be for me to do?
Sure, there are plenty of fishes in the ocean,
But not one of them could ever get a hook in my devotion.
So my love for you supports recent scholarly publications
Reporting that fish have a greater capacity for memory
Than was previously believed,
And I will miss you for the rest of my life.
Track Name: Hit & Run
Too many times have I trembled with terror
Entertaining the thought that I soon would be dead
So many instances seeing a vision
Of an SUV rolling right over my head

It's not unusual nowadays
It's not a strange situation to dread
It seems inevitable that someday soon
I'm gonna find myself smashed to the road just like a soggy slice of bread

Even though I got the right-of-way
Looks like you're just gonna keep right on coming anyway
You're gonna run me over

When I was younger, I was helplessly anxious
About crossing the road sans a comforting hand
Now I am older and I'm on medication
But my life hasn't changed in the way that I'd planned

Cause all the cars grew up with me
Hummers and Range Rovers cover the land
My future self in my head looks like a mushy pile of
Pumpkin puree that's just waiting to be canned

Even though you've seen me plain as day
Looks like you're just gonna go on and kill me anyway


I see no surefire solution;
No possibility catches my eye;
People don't care about death or pollution
When it's so much easier to never bother trying
And to just ignore the butterflies frying on their grills.

Maybe you'd tell me I'm melodramatic
But I much prefer that to your lack of concern
Maybe if you had a lifestyle less static
And less high on the smell from the rubber you burn

You could slow down for a second,
Sample the simple sensation of being;
Sweep out the shadows and soak up the sun,
And you might find yourself seeing what has been there all along

If your sights are still set on a thrill,
How about a bike race down the city's steepest hill?

Not if I run you over first...
Track Name: The Song I Didn't Write
I can't wrap my head around
The notion that the present is a gift.
You know me well enough by now
To know I know that your devotion
Has a tendency to shift.

I can wait for you forever
If that's what you want.
I can be a fountain for you
Always filling, always spilling.

I burnish every surface in the house
But still I'm haunted by the dust.
How much of it is your skin?
How could I begin again?

You know the words to all my songs
And you prove it to me every night.
But could you guess the lyrics
To the song I didn't write?
Track Name: One-Way Sea
You tell me that the boat is moving forward—
Whatever that means when there is no land in sight.
I’d always pegged you as a shorebird—
But in light of certain facts,
I’m inclined to take it back.

Don’t underestimate me;
This field of research is my specialty, my specialty!
I will crack this hierarchy
If it is the death of me,
The death of me!
The death of me…

You tell me we are sailing on a one-way sea—
I nod my head and hold my tongue.
(You are an idiot!)
You gave me a bum steer, crowing of your lofty views;
I might have known you were
A rooster on a booster seat!

Don’t underestimate me!
(Clearly there’s no danger of my underestimating you!)
I will commandeer this vessel
If it is the death of you,
The death of you!

—Must you respond so saltily?
My faculties…
Have long been…
Bursting at the seams…
Brimming as they are…
With onomies,
And ologies,

Don’t esterundimate me!
I will hack this crierarchy!
—Cut me, please—a little slack, I mean—
Mental tacking’s never been my specialty.
My knack is for a marked lack of strategy.
But spin around and take another whack at me
Look back at me — and see!
I will stack up properly!
If it is the death of me,
The death of me,
The death of me,
The death of me!
Track Name: Spring
Spring, and still
Leaves have not all fallen from the trees;

Holding hands and skipping
Stones across the river;

Flowers open
Wider than I've ever seen;

You can see them too,
If you hurry—
You can see them too,
If you come back to me.

Spiral bound
The pages that you wrote to me;

In between the letters lies
A secret that I'm meant to see;

It has been a season
Since I have seen the sea,

But we can go there soon,
If you hurry—
We can go there soon,
If you come back to me.

When I sit and sip my tea,
You're facing me...

You: a day, a month, a year ago—
It's all the same to me.

On every bus I see
On every street I see
In every passing pair of shoes
I see...


You can see me too,
If you hurry...
You can see me too,
If you come back...