Election (Fuck Trump) [YouTube demo]

by Stephan Nance



This audio has been plucked from its YouTube video for your listening convenience and enjoyment!

Thanks to Canadians Susan Juby (author of The Truth Commission and Republic of Dirt), Erika Mary-Elizabeth McCoy (who has been an amazing supporter of my music for years), Trish Salah (trans Arab Canadian writer and activist), and Charlie Lowthian-Rickert (awesome 10-year-old trans girl who was the Grand Marshal of this year's Ottawa Capital Pride parade), for the use of their names in the lyrics.


How do you feel
Welcome here
In an election year?
I don't feel anything
But confused and gloomy.
I want to move to Nanaimo, BC
Open a profiterole shop with Susan Juby.
I want to go to Toronto
Talk about poetry with Trish Salah.
Then I want to check out Ottawa,
Chill with Erika McCoy,
Cheer on Charlie Rickert in a Pride Parade.
I want to go somewhere I won't feel afraid...
But I know I won't defect to Canada;
Our communities need unity, not more loss and trauma.
Try to see clearly—
President Michelle Obama.
In the meantime I hold these truths to be self-evident:
Fuck Trump
Fuck Trump
Fuck Trump
He's not my president.
Fuck Trump
Fuck Trump
Fuck Trump
He's not my president.


released November 10, 2016




Stephan Nance Eugene, Oregon

I'm Stephan Nance. I'm a singer-songwriter based in Eugene, Oregon. You can call my music poetic piano rock.

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