Grey & Green [YouTube demo]

by Stephan Nance



This audio has been plucked from its YouTube video for your listening convenience and enjoyment!


Land in my mind
Crawling through the sound
I found it
Now I recognize it
Everywhere it's aground

Swimming up a concrete river
Paddling through pine and pavement
I melted
Blent in and then

Inside an unprotected
Hostel suite
Astride a bicycle
Defrosting wheat
Atop a tower with an
Unrevolving view
Of illuminated sails

Grey and green
Grey and green
The brightest blue could
Never come between
Grey and green and

Rowing toward a lowered drawbridge
Clambering onto the Seawall
Confecting cloud-covered cinnamon rolls
Wowed by crowds of
Glaucous-winged Gulls

No sea.
Look at the harlequins!
—I wish you'd said to me.
Over a decade I discerned
A path
My passport went defunct
Now that junket's out of reach

Grey and green
Grey and green
The reddest flags
Forever come between
Grey and green and

Everybody's body sways
In unfamiliar funny ways
Traveling on rainbow
Wheels of color down below
The crows pecking suet-surfaced streets
The subway sounds resounding beats
Beckoning me to retreat
On the heels of mighty feet!

But where there's a will
There's a way
And I will
Every day
Until I dry
Every day until I dry—

Don't tell me
Blare the Heritage Horns
But I won't leave

I haven't heard firstear 
The 9 o'clock gun
Or the steam chimes

I've yet to feel firstfoot 
The boom of the Sooty Grouse
In the mountain woods

I have more notes to take
On the colors of the
Land in my mind

I have a wish
To blow through the mist
Of the dandelion fountain

I have a truth
To seek in the xeriscape
Of the hill on the hill

I have
a past, a present, and a future
In this city

Maybe no more than moments
But there's still a possibility.


released May 16, 2016
Music & lyrics by Stephan Nance




Stephan Nance Eugene, Oregon

I'm Stephan Nance. I'm a singer-songwriter based in Eugene, Oregon. You can call my music poetic piano rock.

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