Lead & Tin [YouTube demo]

by Stephan Nance



This audio has been plucked from its YouTube video for your listening convenience and enjoyment!


I thought I had been shot—
Been shot a thousand times—
It's not a shocking way to die
In the fields this side of
The enemy lines.

But I've fired my fair share of guns,
And I know full well that bullets
Don't just fall down from the sky—
So I opened up my eyes.

I saw a flash of light—
I saw it through the black—whoa!
I saw the flooded track—
I felt the hail upon my back—oh,
I saw the start of the foggy maze—
I couldn't see for several days—
But then a sunbreak finally
Burned away the haze.

(You know I'd kiss you if I could—ah,
But my lips are made of wood,
And it wouldn't do to splinter you
In an unfamiliar neighborhood.)

I dodged a ball of flames
Fueled by the dust the sun'd kicked up
A stone's throw from the tonsil crypt
I eschewed the beaten path
On a SUP.

Tight-lipped and planing through
The murky millrace surface—
These flavescent leaves,
Crispy teardrops shed from crying trees—
"'Tis autumn?"
"No, only fallout,"
Sighed beside
A chemical breeze.

Oh, stratocumulus
Oh, circumbendibus
I saw and ceased to push
I'd seen and heard too much
My oar became a crutch
I sculled into a reef
It sawed the board in half
I saw my former single fin
I soldered lead and tin
I sauntered out
I saw interred my kith and kin

(You know I'd hold this post a while
If I could only learn to smile
But by the time I earn the privilege
Only grimaces will be in style.)

Surf Scoter on the pond
Coyote on the fescue

Siroccos on the flesh
Globe lightning to the rescue

An earthly comet rolling by
A stoic guide toward a new clear era
No shadows on the sterile mind
No leks distract the prairie-chickens from their terror

I found a brand new clearing
Next to the old new clearing
A welcome change
From the adjacent older new old clearing
I didn't feel at peace but
I didn't feel at war—
A welcome change.

(You know, I went to your old home
You know, the site of your new grave
You know, I'd pay my last respects
But the respects I have I'd better save.)


released October 1, 2016




Stephan Nance Eugene, Oregon

I'm Stephan Nance. I'm a singer-songwriter based in Eugene, Oregon. You can call my music poetic piano rock.

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