Overwintered [YouTube demo]

by Stephan Nance

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This audio has been plucked from its YouTube video for your listening convenience and enjoyment!


Teeth chatter
A beat clicking double-time
To the crunch of snow
An animal
Licks a beater
A Northern Flicker
Clucks a whimper
A beep goes off inside—
Is it time
— or just a timer?

Ironed on our hides by the
Scarlet fever-stricken
Two-bit hypocritical
Turning on a dime.

What are they?
A little more than kin
And less than kind
We live in the same
But we run on
Different time.

You are safe
You are sound
You are safe
You are sound

I feel your frequency
Resonate at my core
Enkindle my extremities
Echo through my bones
Hiccup out its tones

We face apocalypses every day
And fumble stricken phrases
We ball up to play:

When we feel forlorn
Just keep peeling those little oranges
They keep stealing, we keep peeling
Stuck on an uneven keeling
Every Great and Snowy Egret's
Speaking of my evening grossness
Every Evening Grosbeak's
Speaking of my great and snowy egress
Even if we deviate
Even if we deviate
The ice rink's set to counterclockwise
There's no exit till we skate

I lurch along the verge
A strawberryless frozen biscuit
My flimsy figure zero traps
A miraculous lemniscate
When the intercom comes through
I think I've lost my refound calling
Oh, Winter Tanager
You help me walk but you leave me crawling.
You are a cardinal
You are a cardinal
And I should be so lucky
As to be a part of you at all

You are safe
You are sound
You are safe
You are sound

You bring the tropics to these chilly parts
The contrast shocks my system
Chilblains swell upon my heart.


released May 26, 2016
Music & lyrics by Stephan Nance




Stephan Nance Eugene, Oregon

I'm Stephan Nance. I'm a singer-songwriter based in Eugene, Oregon. You can call my music poetic piano rock.

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