Porter Loves [YouTube demo]

by Stephan Nance



This audio has been plucked from its YouTube video for your listening convenience and enjoyment!


Porter loves
the life aquatic and
Porter loves
felted clouds and rainbow rain and
Porter loves
dove-gray uncles and
Porter loves
sweet potato enchiladas and

We love you, Porter
Whoever you are, and
We love you, Porter
Whatever you (do do do do) do
We love you, Porter
However you feel
It's no tall order
Being a hardcore Porter supporter

Porter loves
Music-, art-, and science-savvy aunts
Porter loves
Saving ants, snails, and spiders
Porter loves
Peaches, plums, and pears
Porter loves
Caring, caring, caring

Carrying the weight of the world in your beak
It becomes so hard to fly
Dropping it's easier than you might think
Deposit troubles at the trailhead
You can pick them up
On a downward swoop
Knowing how the mountainside
Provides an upward scoop

Porter loves
hiking the high desert canyon and
Porter loves
waddling by lily-padded ponds and
Porter loves
unicycling and crocheting and
Porter loves
bubbles, pebbles, puddles, and cuddles and

We love you, Porter
Whoever you are, so
To thine own self be true
Be true! be true!
Show freely to the world
If not the worst, yet some trait
Whereby the worst may be inferred
Knowing in our view
You're doing a better job being you
Than anybody else in the universe could do

Every day, aim to make
At least 100 mistakes
Every great big success
Involves an even bigger mess
Every chance that you take
Could shake some light through the opaque
Every fear you express
Will start to weight a little less

Porter loves
Porter loves
Porter loves
loving and being loved
Porter loves
whatever Porter loves


released August 23, 2014
Music & lyrics by Stephan Nance
Dedicated to Porter!




Stephan Nance Eugene, Oregon

I'm Stephan Nance. I'm a singer-songwriter based in Eugene, Oregon. You can call my music poetic piano rock.

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